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[ What is it?.. .. I'll tell the'.]


We're nut stuck up er prood i't mooth 

Fer t'main on us was bred in't fells,

We're nobbut wiet, yammly, fwoak

Off t'seeam switch as yersels.


An' like yersels, we clag tight tull

0't bits o'country ways an' looar;

We like ta hod a crack aboot

T'auld dale-fwoak' at hev gone afooar.


Mi fadder, (an' nea doot he's reet),

Sez t's main o't' fell fwoak er o't seame

They "Hawk tagidder" on a drag,

Till Foxy's brush is hung on t'beame.


He sez 'at t' interest (like t' auld Fox)

Is rousan 'noo fer thee an' me,

Soo join, yersels, an git yer kin

Ta join oor own Society.


From The Works of Lance Porter - Lakeland Treasury 

Compiled and edited by Ted Relph and Published by the Society


Canon R. D. Ellwood


"If we were asked why we love the dialect and find delight in hearing and studying it, we should be led to give three reasons. First, because it enables us to recall the forefathers of our race, their ways, their sayings and their doings. Second, because it is so closely associated in our minds with the beauty of the lake and tarn, of fellside and ling, with bracken and herdwick sheep. Third, and most chiefly, because we have learnt greatly to hold in affectionate esteem the folk who speak the dialect, and it is to knit more closely this bond of brotherhood that our Dialect Society was founded and continues to prosper."

Cumbrian Voices


Many of these recordings were made more than forty years ago and have now been preserved in MP3 and MPEG4 digital format. The original recordings were collected by members of the Dialect Society, on gramaphone records, open reel tapes and tape cassettes.


Listen to them on the following site






Executive officers of the Society


President - Mr J.T.  Relph, Crosby Ravensworth

Editor -  Mrs L. Green, Overdale Ireby.

Secretary - Mrs J. Scott-Smith, Shap

Treasurer - Vacant

Web maintenance - Malcolm McGregor, Fuzhou, China.


For correspondance and inquiries


Note National Dialect Weekend

the Lakeland Dialect Society is hosting the 2014 National Dialect Weekend. This is being held on the 17-19th  of October at Rydal Hall, Rydal in the Lake District.The address for the National Dialect Weekend is;

There will be a Merry Neet of Lakeland entertainment on Friday, October  17,

Discussions, debates, lectures and national dialect competitions will be held on Saturday, October 18 featuring Lakeland, Black Country, Northumbria, Devon, Lancashire and Lincolnshire dialects as well as others. The evening of Saturday, October 18  will see visiting dialect societies providing the entertainment. All events are open to the public. Contact Louise Green 016973 71710, Ted Relph 01931  715359 or Jean Scott-Smith   01931 716386 for further details.


Longtown Glossary published

 UK price, including postage,   8 a copy.
Overseas, including Air Mail postage. 10 

from: Mrs J Scott-Smith, Gale View, Main Street, Shap, Penrith, Cumbria CAIO 3NH

A new CD for dialect lovers!!

Available at meetings 8.50

Or 10 by post (UK) from: Mrs J Scott-Smith,

Gale View, Main Street, Shap, Penrith, Cumbria CAIO 3NH

Please make cheques payable to Lakeland Dialect Society

Overseas price available on request.


A word or two from the  retired President of the Lakeland Dialect Society


from The Cumberland News

  The Philology of The Lakeland Dialect by Canon R. D. Ellwood


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